Friday, March 28, 2014

Book Review: The Keeping Place (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #4) by Isobelle Carmody

After a kidnapping, Elspeth Gordie and the Misfits are forced to join the rebellion against the oppressive Council, using their extraordinary mind powers. But Elspeth must also seek out clues left by the long-dead seer, Kasanda, vital to her quest to destroy the Beforetime weaponmachines. One clue is lost in the past, forcing Elspeth to travel the Dreamtrails, stalked by a terrifying winged beast, with the cat, Maruman, as her guide and guardian. Only there can she learn more of the Beforetimer Misfits and their enemy, Govamen.

Gradually Elspeth realises her quest is intimately linked to the Misfits' refuge, Obernewtyn - its past and its future.

The Keeping Place is the fourth book in The Obernewtyn Chronicles series by Isobelle Carmody, originally published in 1999.  This one was a bit of a disappointment to me.  All the books in the series so far have had ups and downs in the pacing, but this one was slow most of the time.  The Dreamtrails parts of the story were not very exciting, even felt a little silly to me.  Dragon, the wild little girl, was kept out of all the real action in the book, which I think was a mistake as she's a great character and I missed her.  I've noticed that the books were published four-five years apart, so I expect more from the stories.  I still like the series, and I'm hoping for better in the next installment.

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 I give this book 3 Bookworms.

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