Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Review: The Farseekers (The Obernewtyn Chronicles #2) by Isobelle Carmody

In this powerful sequel to Obernewtyn, young Elspeth Gordie-possessed of extraordinary mental powers-has united with others Misfits for refuge on the remote mountain keep of Obernewtyn. Yet the threat from the totalitarian Council to their safety is ever present. Their only defense is to work hard to develop their mental powers before an inevitable confrontation.

But when Elspeth is lured off the mountain in a dangerous quest to rescue a powerful Misfit, the fate of the Obernewtyn colony will hang in the balance.

The Farseekers by Isobelle Carmody is the second book of The Obernewtyn Chronicles.  It was first published in 1990, three years after the first book Obernewtyn.  That was back when books in a series weren't cranked out  year after year.  Readers nowadays are more impatient.  Yes, that includes me!

For me, The Farseekers was a good bit better than Obernewtyn.   It's set two years after the end of the first book, Elspeth is now 17.  Being older opens Elspeth's character to a lot more possibilities.  All the characters in this book were better developed.

I love the animals being sentient and how each animal has a distinct personality.  It's true in real life (the personality part) and it's great to see it in the book.  It's fascinating how the bonds form between the humans and the animals.

The story pace picks up more in The Farseekers and is even more enjoyable to read. 

Here are my reviews for other books in the series:

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 I give this book 4 Bookworms.

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