Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Review: Zombie, Ohio by Scott Kenemore

When rural Ohio college professor Peter Mellor dies in an automobile accident during a zombie outbreak, he is reborn as a highly intelligent (yet somewhat amnesiac) member of the living dead. With society crumbling around him and violence escalating into daily life, Peter quickly learns that being a zombie isn’t all fun and brains. Humans—unsympathetic, generally, to his new proclivities—try to kill him at nearly every opportunity. His old friends are loath to associate with him. And he finds himself inconveniently addicted to the gooey stuff inside of people’s heads.

As if all this weren’t bad enough, Peter soon learns that his automobile accident was no accident at all. Faced with the harrowing mystery of his death, Peter resolves to use his strange zombie "afterlife" to solve his own murder.

Skillfully combining the genres of horror, humor, and film noir, Zombie, Ohio weaves an enthralling and innovative tale that any fan of the current zombie craze is sure to relish. Followers of detective and horror fiction alike will find something to love about Zombie, Ohio—a tale of murder, mystery, and the walking dead.

Zombie, Ohio is the first book in the three book (so far) zombie series by Scott Kenemore.  It's not a series in the sense of having characters that go through adventures in each book; rather, these are books all set in a zombie world with completely different characters and stories in each book.  Consequently, you do not have to read these books in any specific order.  

The main character, Peter, is not very lovable - in his zombie aspect or what we learn of his human existence.   It's obvious he's not meant to be.  This makes it all the more believable that someone tried to murder him.  

The story bogged down in the middle for me as Peter marched around with his zombie friends.  Peter was in college professor-zombie mode and analyzing everything.  I would have preferred more action and less thinking.

I have to say, this is quite a unique novel.  An "aware" zombie who holds conversations, but eats brains.  He wanders with other zombies and tries so solve his own murder.  Strange much?  The dark humor is a refreshing change from other zombie books and worth the read.

 I give this book 3 Bookworms.


  1. I should try this one....have you ever read any Charlie Davidson books?

  2. Hi Jmisgro! Yes, I've read all the books that have been published and am waiting impatiently for the next one. It's one of my favorite series! Sounds like we share tastes in books! Do you have a book blog?