Friday, September 21, 2012

Book Review: The Rosary Murders by William X. Kienzle

It Begins on Ash Wednesday...  Priests and nuns are his targets. A plain black rosary entwined between the fingers of each victim is his calling card.

The police don't have a clue, but Father Koesler sees a pattern --- a consuming religious obsession that can drive one man to serial murder. And to an unexpected and terrifying encounter inside Koesler's own confessional ...

This is the first book in the Father Koesler mysteries.  It was originally published in 1978 and there are 23 books in the series.  For those of you who like reading books that were turned into movies, this book was made into a film starring Donald Sutherland in 1987.

I had some trouble occasionally while reading, as I'm not Catholic.  The author would use terms I'm not familiar with and he didn't explain them.  But it didn't take away from the story a great deal.

The book was slow to read.  There were whole scenes in it that I feel could have been cut and not hurt the story.  I found myself doing some "speed reading" to get through some of this.

Aside from that, the main story was good.  The descriptions of the murders and murder scenes were chilling, but not overly graphic.  Father Koesler is a solid main character, though I would have liked to spend more time with him and learn more about him.  I assume that happens in the other 22 books.

All in all, The Rosary Murders was just an okay book for me.  I didn't like it enough to want to read more books in the series.  I can see where it might be something other readers would appreciate more, so if you find the premise interesting, give it a try!

I give this book 3 Bookworms. 

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