Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Review: Captive in Paradise by RJ Futh

Young backpackers have been traveling through Southeast Asia for decades, blissfully unaware of the political and social turmoil that surrounds them. That ignorance abruptly ends when eight travelers are kidnapped by a revolutionary organization and held captive in the rainforest of southern Thailand. Maimed, beaten and facing death, each much decide: stay and hope for rescue or attempt an escape that stands little chance of succeeding.

Basically, this book is about a group of rich, multi-national kids frolicking around southeast Asia who become involved in a Jihad movement and suffer the consequences.  It's a very interesting book, well-written, and easy to read.

The characters are very real.  The author, RJ Furth, did an excellent job of portraying four young people with too much money who try to escape their normal environment for pleasures of the world.  Captivity in the hands of the southeast Asian Muslims caused each of the kids to reassess their outlook on life and rapidly mature.  Actually, the main character is almost unbelievable, based on his background and experience and what he's able to accomplish after their capture.

Ralph gives this book 3 Bookworms.

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