Monday, February 27, 2012

Book Tour: The Firelight of Maalda by Melissa Douthit

Welcome to the Book Tour of The Firelight of Maalda by Melissa Douthit.  I'm participating in the tour over two days.

The Firelight of Maalda: A story that unites the real with the fantastical and turns science into magic …

Chalice and her group leave Barenthren to travel to Portalis. There she and her friends discover the beautiful city, its people, its history, and its secret that has been kept hidden for thousands of years. During their stay, they learn that Dar’Maalda has the Firestone and that he plans to use it.

What is the Firestone and what does Dar’Maalda plan to do with it? What are the Naezzi? What does the title, The Firelight of Maalda, really mean? And … what is the secret of Portalis, the secret that has been guarded so jealously for so long – so jealously, that many have given their lives to protect it?

In The Firelight of Maalda, the second novel of the trilogy, The Legend of the Raie’Chaelia, you find out. It is a tale of intrigue and wonder where two opposite worlds collide in an explosive journey that leads Chalice and her friends to the dark islands lurking just beyond the horizon of Ielieria, where the Firelight of Maalda sits … and waits.

First, I read the two prequels to the series, The Vanishing and The Journey Begins.  Then I started reading the first book, The Raie'Chaelia.  They were nice, but I wasn't drawn into the story.  I was really worried since I had agreed to be part of the book tour!  So, I kept reading.

I think it was Buney that changed everything for me.  That adorable little furry mountain-dwelling creature.  I fell in love with Bunejab the minute he fell out of that tree.  I have to say, I always love a good story, but what I love even more is a character that transcends the story.  One that is so skillfully projected, he/she can find a place in almost any tale and outshine the protagonist.  Bunejab did this for me in The Raie'Chaelia.  I was disappointed in The Firelight of Maalda as I felt he was woefully underused.

Some of the language used in the book confused me.  It's a fantasy, so a certain kind of dialogue is expected.  Yet the characters use modern American slang quite often, which hit a wrong note with me.  Then I read a quote from the author, Melissa Douthit, which said there was a reason for it and to just go along with it.  I finally figured it out her reason, but I won't mention it here in case she plans on a full reveal in a third book. 

Overall, this is a solid, enjoyable fantasy series.  The characters are engaging and the story moves along at a nice pace after the first few chapters.  I think both young adults and adults would enjoy reading this.

Thank you Premier Virtual Author Book Tours and Melissa Douthit for allowing me to read the series!

I give this book/series 4 Bookworms!

Publisher:  Couronne Press; 1st edition (January 8, 2012)


  1. Oooh I love the cover of this. It sounds like the kind of book I'd enjoy. I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks for the reveiw.

  2. The one character I absolutely fell in love with in this book, was Cassian. He is such an intense character. I hate the way he was treated by Jacinda. For whatever reason, he really adored her. I think he would do just about anything for her. I¿m hoping we get to see a LOT more of him in the next book. I really,like Cassian.