Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankfully Reading 2011 - Book I'm Most Thankful For

Jenn has given the participants of the Thankfully Reading 2011 our first mini-challenge.  We are to write about the book we are most thankful for.

This is the book I'm most thankful for, Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat.   That may seem strange to hear from a forty-something woman, but this is the book with which I learned to read.  I hadn't started school yet, but my brother was learning to read.  I was fascinated and had to start learning as well, so my mother got this and started teaching me.

I remember feeling indignant that the Cat just came in and took over, making such a mess.  And I worried about the goldfish falling out of the bowl!

Thanks, Jenn, for hosting this challenge, I'm really enjoying myself.  


  1. The Dr. Seuss books are pretty amazing :)

  2. That's an awesome choice! I didn't read this one growing up, but have several other Dr. Seuss books I loved growing up!

  3. Dr. Seuss is all kinds of awesome. He's an excellent choice, I couldn't imagine a world where kids grew up without him.