Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Review: Lie for Me by Karen Young

Lauren Holloway's ex-fiance, Tucker Kane, is without an alibi when his ex-wife is murdered. Tucker claims to have been alone at a job site at the time, but he needs Lauren to lie for him so that he won't become a suspect in the murder. She refuses; now as a prime suspect, Tucker disappears without a trace. Years later, she sees him at an antique fair, and worried that Lauren will reveal his carefully constructed life, he forces his into her hotel room and tells her that he's trying to find evidence to clear his name. As Lauren tries to help Tucker, she questions her ability to judge character as she uncovers a labyrinth of deceit, putting her very life in danger.

Lie for Me fell a bit flat for me.  The writing style didn't draw me in to keep me reading.  I couldn't feel the romance between Lauren and Tucker at all.

The mystery storyline was pretty good.  I suspected, but didn't totally figure out who the "bad guy" was before the end.  There were some interesting twists and turns that kept me guessing.  Although, I did feel the book was longer than it needed to be.  I found myself hoping at times that it would hurry and end.

Since there are some redeeming qualities in the storyline and I see that a lot of other reviewers enjoyed this book far more than I, I'm giving it a tad higher rating than I originally decided upon and leaving the decision up to you readers.  Give it a try and let me know how you liked it.

*Disclaimer:  I received this book for free from the publisher, I was not required to write a positive review.

 I give this book 3 Bookworms.

Paperback:  368 pages
Publisher: Howard Books; Original edition (August 2, 2011)
ISBN-10:  1416587640
ISBN-13:  978-1416587644

Format:  Ebook
File Size:  1,314 KB
Print Length:  368 pages
Sold By:  Simon and Schuster Digital Sales Inc.

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