Friday, August 5, 2011

Book Review: Bright Light: Spiritual Lessons from a Life in Acting by Dee Wallace

 Like you, Dee Wallace came in as a bright shiny light, and she knew from the beginning that her soul quest was to keep that light shining and share it with others. This was a challenge growing up poor in Kansas amidst all the conflicting religious and social messages of her upbringing. But she stuck to this strong intent and followed her knowingness in a meteoric rise as an actress, becoming an acting icon after only five years with the success of E.T., and then faltering and losing her way only to reclaim the power of that knowingness later in life. Bright Light works as an autobiographical tale of an actor's life and craft, and how that journey applies to everyone's spiritual journey. It is the story of Everyman: the reclaiming of Self. Each chapter of Dee Wallace's story is characterized by a concept like intention, in which the narrative becomes an allegorical exploration of its qualities. Dee Wallace has rediscovered the wisdom that we all know but forget: that true success comes from following the heart's lead, and that the mind only creates form for spirit's creative manifestation. Our consciousness is our intelligence. 

In Bright Light, Dee Wallace writes an autobiography with life lessons to help the readers.  She tells us of her early life in Kansas, going to New York, then to L.A. to become an actress.  She tells us about her successes and her failures.  As she looks back on these times in her life, she realizes why she was successful and why she failed. 

Dee explains how powerful thoughts are and intentions in how you create and receive what you want in your life.  She uses real life examples, such as knowing she would have a daughter and asking the Universe for it.  Against all the odds, she gave birth to her daughter.

It's a very uplifting and touching story.  This book can help you learn to deal with your own life issues and how to live the life you deserve!

I give this book 4 Bookworms.

Paperback:  218 pages
Publisher:  O Books, John Hunt (April 26, 2011)
ISBN-10:  1846945984
ISBN-13:  978-1846945984

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