Monday, June 13, 2011

Author Interview: Abel Keogh, Author of The Third

I read and reviewed The Third a few weeks ago.  I really enjoyed the book, so I contacted the author, Abel Keogh for an interview. 

Abel Keogh is the author of the novel The Third and the memoir Room for Two and numerous short stories and poems. For nearly a decade he has worked as a professional copywriter and composed hundreds of print and online pieces of marketing collateral for technology, real estate, health care, and education organizations—including several Fortune 500 companies. Abel and his wife, Julianna, are the parents of three boys and a girl.

1.  Do you think the world of The Third is a possible future reality for the U.S.? 
One of the main themes The Third is the individualism vs. collectivism. This battle over individual liberty and the greater good has been fought as long as people have existed. So, is the future world of The Third possible? Well, that depends how much people value the freedom to have as many or as few children as they want.

2.  The Third depicted a lot of extreme recycling measures, but the focus was on the limitation of population.  Do you see that as the main way to help our environment, or were you just trying to show how far some environmentalists would go?
For decades many of the more radical environmentalists have called for world-wide population controls. The Third is, in part, an environmentalism-run-amok story.

3.  Ransom Lawe was a loyal, law-abiding citizen until his family was threatened.  How do you think you would fare in such a society?
 If a person, group, or government agency was trying to take away one of my kids, I'd do whatever it would take to protect my children. I think most parents would do the same.

4.  Is The Third to be a stand-alone book?  Or do you have ideas for a sequel? 
I have a sequel in the works and an outline for a third book. I’m crossing my fingers that the sequel will come out next year.

5.  What other works of yours can we look forward to reading?
 I’ve got a self-help book called Dating a Widower coming out in August. In addition to the sequel, I also have a young adult novel that’s in the early stages. I hope to have a solid draft done by the end of the year.

6.  Tell us the answer to a question you've always wanted to be asked (and what the question is).
 Q: What’s the one book you’ve always wanted to write?
A: One that would keep people up at night and/or give them nightmares because it’s so scary they can’t get it out of their heads. 

Thanks for the interview, Abel!


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