Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Review: The House of Sherbet by Simon Dale


Thirteen year old Jake spends Christmas with his parents at the Oakhouse, the once grand, now decrepit home to his grandfather. Jake quickly begins to realize that the Oakhouse and Granddad Sherbet are not all they seem. On Christmas Eve, Jake's parents disappear, only to reappear six inches tall and having been turned to wood. Granddad Sherbet, together with his octogenarian friends, prepares to steal Jake's youth and nascent magical powers.

The House of Sherbet is a fun fantasy/supernatural book for children-young adults.  It started out a little slow for me as Jake and his parents traveled to Granddad Sherbet's house and got settled.  From the beginning, I could tell something was off with Granddad, even his humor was a little strange.

The action does pick up and keeps going throughout the book.  It's peppered with black humor, which I appreciate in any story.  There may be a few problems for American kids who read the book as there are several British terms used which they might not know.  But I'm sure they can figure it out.

The author, Simon Dale, did a great job with the imagery in the book.  It was easy to envision every scene and feel part of it.  I can't reveal much without spoiling the plot, but there are very unique ideas in this story.  I think kids will really enjoy reading it!

I give this book 4 Bookworms.


Reading level:  Childrens/Young Adult
Pages:  136
Ebook:  417kb
ASIN:  B004R1Q17E

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