Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Book Review: Unconventional by J.J. Hebert

Unconventional by J.J. Hebert is about a young man with a big dream who is stuck in a dead end job.  James Frost wants to be a writer, it's all he wants to do, but his manuscript is rejected by publisher after publisher.  To make ends meet, he works as a janitor in his father's cleaning business. 

James doesn't have many friends, and most of them have gone off to college.  He's not very close to his father who is too busy looking for a girlfriend.  James has very low self-esteem and is ready to give up.  Then he meets Leigh, who helps him understand the meaning of love and the need for a Savior in his life.

This was a very enjoyable book to read.  It was easy to connect to James and want the best to happen for him.  The characters he interacts with have great depth, they felt like real people. 

I sometimes had problems when the time would jump forward from chapter to chapter, not knowing how much time had passed or if any had passed at all.  Also, J.J. Hebert portrays James as a sensitive person, caring about people, wanting to stick up for anyone who is being made fun of; but at the restaurant, James himself makes fun of their waiter who has a bad case of acne.  Admittedly, he does it in his thoughts only, but it still jars against the character to me.

Unconventional is a book about dreams, obstacles, struggles, and faith.  It's worth reading!

I give this book 4 Bookworms.

*Disclaimer:  I received this book free from LibraryThing and the author.  I was not required to write a positive review.

Paperback:  332 pages
Publisher:  Mindstir Media (July 10, 2009)
ISBN-10:  098196480X
ISBN-13  978-0981964805


  1. This does sound appealing, and with a story many writers will relish. Wasn't sure about the image of a stringy-looking old mop on the cover, but then realized this could be a modern take on Cinderella, maybe?

  2. Hi Deborah. I think it's just because he's a janitor and mops a lot. :)