Friday, April 15, 2011

I Love Books!

I've been reading since I was a little girl and absolutely love it.  I like all kinds of books:  Historical, Scifi/Fantasy, Christian, Self-Help, Mystery, Romance, Classics, Westerns, Spy, Comedy, etc. 

I was surfing the net and found people reviewing books on their blog and thought I'd jump in.  I'll read just about anything except erotica.  I don't want to have to blush the whole time I write my review!

I'll get started entering book reviews as fast as I can, so keep coming back and let me know how I'm doing.  I love making new friends.


  1. Glad to find your blog! I'm reading a ms for a friend that is an envisioning of the afterlife from the perspective of a man who has just died. He thinks of it less as Christian fiction than spiritual fiction. But I will pass your site on to him--perhaps you will review it one day!

    Welcome to the blogosphere :)

  2. Hi Jenny, thanks for the welcome. The ms sounds interesting, thanks for passing on my site!

  3. I dont know Maria, at my age at little erotica might just make my day. LOL

  4. LOL you are a weensy bit wicked. I like this!

  5. Welcome to the world of book blogging!

    But erotica can be fun. The Blonde Geisha made me laugh hysterically. Not a blush in sight!